Card derby prize money, opinions please.

So Pinto Lake & the City of Watsonville are going to run an ongoing Carp derby. It will run for a few months with prize money paid to the largest fish (or could be by the pound) on a monthly basis.
The Lady of the Lake (Pat) was asking me which option would get me out there catching Carp. Option 1 is they would pay .54 cents a pound & then a monthly prize like a season pass, free boat rental, something like that. Option 2 would be $50.00 to the largest fish of the month.
What do you folks think?
Please note that none of this is set in stone yet, when I get final details & an official flyer I’ll post it up.
The bounty of $ per pound with a smaller monthly award sounds the best to me - it would encourage everyone at the very least to throw a soaking rod out there even if they're fishing for bass.
With 50 cents a lb, if you catch a 20 lber thats still only 10 bucks lol, but the boat rental looks pretty cool
This carp derby sounds interesting . I wonder why the city is so involved in setting this up . Do they think carp are over running the lake ? I sure wish somebody would do this at Calero .
Every year , there are a bunch of Russian guys that fish them and keep everything they catch (yeah)!!!!!!
If you set up flyers at CBT , and/or the other local retail establishments I would bet you would get a better turnout.
Additionally , my wife and I walk our dogs at Vasona almost every saturday/sunday and same guys fish for carp there all the time.
Get the word and out and get rid of the carp!!!
I would fish for them if I could catch a bunch and get rid of them.
tight lines ,
Well the theory is the carp root around on the bottom, stiring up all the alge / contaminates which causes the blooms.
The City is involved because the lake is over run with carp & they own half of the lake. The rest is county owned.
All carp caught is to be turned in at the office, they will weight it & then they will be composted by the city.
They should def do this at Chesbro too. In the spring you can spot hundreds of them, and a bunch of people fishing for em with those long rods. Last year we walked through the flooded field in about 1 foot of water, and you were almost stepping on them. I did catch a 7lber right in there with them though in the creek channel :D She was spawning