Chesbro........... BLAH!

I went out for hours yesterday and didnt catch nothing close to a fish stick. This is always the bummer side of the year for freshwater fishing. anyone else doing better then me? whats some good water to hit?
What's up Jayshogun. I have fished at Chesbro twice this month. Fished early morning for a couple hours both times. I caught one dinker each time at one of the points closest to the Dam... Chesbro is pretty lame right now.

Uvas was surprisingly decent, I went there last sunday, walked around the "peninsula" with a friend of mine and we caught landed 4 and lost 1, no toads though just little guys...

I'm going tomorrow morning, and I'll probably end up at Uvas.
Chesbro has defined insanity for me.

I've gone around 8 times in the past couple months and not so much as a bite. If I'm going to be out that way, I'll just go to uvas. I haven't pulled anything to big from there, but even the little action is better than none.
hummm well most of the time i go to chesbro i get some pretty good size bass. but then again it is getting cold and the water is way low right now....