Chesbro night fishing 3/30

The water has gone up a lot looks a lot better now a few of my friends went to fish there around 9pm and fished till 12:30am and manage to catch four fish all around 1lb. So the bass is still out there at this lake just gotta wait for them to get bigger. Im happy that the waters up now, and still be able to catch something there.
Hey Eric,
It sounds like you know that place pretty well. I fished there once in my toon and did well catching a lot of small fish across from the boat ramp. Next trip I was thinking about trying to row out to the other end.(I think that would be north?) When I left there I saw a bunch of tree stumps sticking out of the water. Looks like a good place that would hold some bass.

Is that end of the reservoir shallow and is it fishable down there? Also which way does the wind normally blow down there? I don't want to be at one end and have to fight my way all the way back to the dam. That's a long way to paddle without the wind.

I didn't see any place at the other end along the road where I could launch my toon so I think rowing is my only option. Thanks for the help.