Today went to Calero with a buddy and my cousin. We did't get nothing so we went for a little drive to Chesbro and got a few bass. My fish was 2.62 lbs on the scale. I used a red midnight special spinnerbait.
Sweet!! Chesbro used to be a favorite float tube and electric motor lake before the mussels. Haven't fished it since they closed it to watercraft so it's nice to see that there are still fish there. Congratulations! lol
thanks, yeah a county sheriff and a ranger drove up next to us and told us not to use waders in the water. blows....
Nice fish Jay! What do they charge for parking now? What time does the gate open/close. Thanks for any info Jay!
they open at 7am i think and shut down at sun set and its 6 bucks for the parking.