hey guys im going out to chesbro today cuz my dad wants to catch some carp. so well see whats up ill let u guys know.
water was really dirty i saw one guy with a small carp. others seemed like a skunk around the dam area. looks like fishing isnt too good rite now. so me and my dad just went around and looked, no fishing. we went to calero next and saw a couple of bass boats by the left side of the boat ramp. couple of people fishing for catfish or carp, but no luck for them either. then we went to sandy wool lake to see if carp fishing was alright but looked like no good so we just went home [8|] weirddd day.
i tried for carp yesterday at sndy wool and nada but if u wana try for carp go to the penatencia perk ponds and fish near the bridge where the water lows in ull see nwat i eman if u dont know and last time out there got a at least 10 lb carp on night crawlers soo try there if all else fails
thanks for the info. my dad was actually looking for the smaller carp because we were goign to eat it. if we were going for bigger carp we definitely wouldve gone to campbell perc ponds in the back river there are a bunch of 10+ pound carp there that u can see at the surface
where at in the perc ponds are you talking the far back pond or the river next to the ponds? any way u can pm me the info or somin cuz while bass fishing is slow wouldnt mind realing in some big carp haha
jcFOSHO!!!!! Wat up Brothaaa! Good to see your alive and active lol
hey jimmyG yeah its been al ong time i go out when i can
i hate junior year right now its so hard }:( neways we all gotta go fish somehwere soon let me know! 8-) [green]