clear lake 11/11

was able to get out of work for two days so my buddy and i headed up to clear lake....was cooooooold out there. first day we got 7 fish

2nd day cold and windy but the fishing was much better. we fished mostly in henderson catching 12 fish with one 5.9lber and a 7.11lber below

that place is nuts..even when you think the weather is going to get ya..the fish are still there.
Congratulations, nice fish! Clear Lake is my Disneyland and I hope to make it up there soon. lol
Nice picture wish i was up there fishing for bass! Heard from my brother the bite was good yesturday. Your picture proves it! =) WTG.
yes, disneyland..that is a great call
nothing like a good 'ol 49er fan and a fisherman! good catch!