Clear Lake 2/1 & 2/2

Went out last week to Clear Lake. It was a fun trip for us since its been awhile for me to fun fish at Clear Lake besides the tournaments. Not much fish but good quality.
Wow,nice! :)
Very Nice; Glad you where able to break in that new rod on some quality toads. [8:)
Every time I see pics of Clear Lake bass, my jaw literally drops. I'm going up there this spring for the first time since I was a kid.
PIGS! Absolute PIGS! Nice work dudes....
Im going there for the first time too...................since last spring. hehehe
Love fishing here... esp now that im in Raggas boat and won't get blown all over the lake.
Yeah buddy!!!
I will for sure get to Clearlake this year! I think I'm going to get a guide so I don't waste a ton of time learning the lake.

Nice fish dude!
Yea. You should definitely make a trip up there Mike.
I was looking into guides for CL, they are pricey, about $200-$250 a person (for two) with 6 hours on the water. It might be a worthwhile investment to learn the lake though.