Clear Lake April 3rd to the 5th

Hey guys I am thinking of making the trip to clear lake April 3rd and coming back the 5th. It would be nice to see if any one else is interested in goign during that time frame. I think Bassman1057 and Jim Jr may be going also. They have never been and myself I have only been a few times. It would be nice to find some one that knows the lake well to show us the ropes. Not sure if the ladies are coming with us or not and not sure what boats will be going. I have a place to stay and I can have a few people stay with me, but it can't get out of hand, Its my bosses place in the Keys. I like flipping the docks in the keys but I want to learn more of the lake. I know north can be very good, but I have never really had a chance to fish it. I've fished some club tourneys out of redbud. I have fished around the casino a little and fished the tullies a bit.

Let me know if any one is up for that time frame. The other option was the 17th-19th or the 24th to 26th. Bassman1057 has a B-day on the 3rd of April and mine is the 21st, and since Jr is getting married in July this is going to be a bachelor party type thing also. If there are enough people interested we can rent a place also and turn it into a party.
I'm down for a trip then. Will be there with Lip_ripper April 21-23 showin him the layout. I don't have a boat decent enough up there or a tow vehicle. My dad's bayliner might be available, it does have a trolling motor. What we use on the lake for now...Got my PB on it. Anyone willing to tow it if we need to? The water level is still too low in our cove to launch in the south end, but redbud pier would be's close to our house. We can hook up and drive there, and be in the water within a half hour...and it's free. Do all you guys have inspections stickers and paperwork in your gloveboxes, for Clear Lake? If not, we still need to get that for you! Believe a form to fill out and a one time inspection to earn your sticker. I'll clarify with my brother, he did our boat...

[?] Hey 510lipripper, wanna do this? What does it take for the sticker and where do we send these guys? Where did you go to get ours?
I wanna roll I am off and I am willing to pay for gas
I am basically a Non-Boater unless some one can tow dad's boat up there for is ready and has the sticker.
Ragga how big is your dads boat?
I think it is 17 or 18 ft open bow bayliner capri. Has an 80 hourse motor does about 35 mph in the water . motor guide trolling motor on bow. Brother put a small lawrance unit on it too. Wondering if my bro is going to be interested, and tow the thing up, with dad's landcruiser. Been a good boat just would like to convince dad to sell it to invest in a 2001-2004, used 20 ft. bass boat.
CABassBuster21 wrote:

Let me know if any one is up for that time frame. The other option was the 17th-19th or the 24th to 26th. .

Ya know I would not mind doing the 24th to 26th, but weekend boat traffic on any lake especially a monster bass lake like that, with a spring bite, will or most likely be crowded.
And im on vacation that week as well , Thats why I enjoy the mid of the week lake runs. No one ever really on the lakes during that time.
Hopefully all you guys get up there regardless of the date you pick.

Rip some lips boyz!
Hey Mikle you might change your mind witj tje boat traffic during those dates. Wait till you see the size it in person...there is lots of water and creeks as well as keys to fish. You'll see real soon [8|]. I'm more concerned with the weather...
Plenty of water to fish...been there during big FLW tourneys and still found places to fish.

Can't argue with you about fishin during the week being better and having much less pressure though.
Woo hoo got a back seat Friday 3rd and Sunday 5th. Just looking for a seat for Sat 4th now. Be there this weekend too. Looks like nice weather and back to back weekends.
I suppose we wil concentrate on the south end first eventually moving to the north end to some other spots I have been.
It looks like I might not be going up there until the 24-26th. Still up in the air about the 3rd to the 5th and I think I am goingto Bass Lake the 18th for b-day.
My girlfriend looked into it and it sounds like she booked it already. Thats cool it will be fun. I don't think I am taking my boat there though. I need to look into the fees. They have some outrageous fee to use the lake, it's good for the year, but i'll be there only this one time.

So sounds like clear lake the 24-26th for me and hopefully bassman1057 and Jr. I know they both want to go some time this year.
i WANT TO GO!!!!!
Well it looks like I'll be sitting at the house watching TV Sat. 4th or go to Twin Pines Casino, if nobody can make it up. Brad has a wedding to attend Saturday instead of fishing...but on the water again Sunday 5th. If it was my boat, I'd invite you Rick...not sure if i'm driving myself or riding with Brad and his gal. Hmmm pondering what to do. Would be nice to take you with us, that way we can hang out Saturday and try to bank it or something. I will mention your interest to Brad...maybe we can take a third, it is fun fishing and going to test his new electronics and new trolling motor. He purchesed the new $2000.00 Hummingbird with gps and navtronics and we're itching to test it. Not to mension hooking into some pigs. Either way, looking foreward to hitting my favorite lake and fishing on the NItro.
Raggamuffin Rippin wrote:
He purchesed the new $2000.00 Hummingbird with gps and navtronics and we're itching to test it.

Did he get the new one with side imagining?? If so get some info on it..
I have been itching to get one really bad.. even if I don't have the
I would like to get the 798. or even last years model 797 would be fine too..
Get some info on it and how the side imagining looks and how clear it really is...
Yeah, the unit with the right and left side imaging, the thing is wide and short in starure. Not sure of the model. Find out soon! Held it last week...took it off the mount on the consule, for the ride home.

I might have conflicting plans 3rd-5th. I think I'm supposed to be at Reggae on the mountain micro brew festival. Our band has been the yearly reggae band for years at bear valley ski resort. I missed last year due to breaking my elbow The week of the last show... ;( ;( ;( ;( Caught my personal best at CL though instead...She looked like a submarine comming up. Unbelievable, most epic day fishing with my brother! 8-)
ALRIGHT GUYS, i GOT THE 24th thru the 27th off from work, want to get together for this trip. So whats up?
Lol RICK going to be there with rippin_lips 21-23...maybe we can extend our trip for you. Not sure! Call in sick all week and go with us and stay there to meet with the others. You missed out on my call Saturday night...too much beer! We both missed out on fat sacks! (8-|
what you talking bout'.... I always got that fat sack :D :D :D [8:)
Well guys I can't go the 24th-26th. I forgot about a suprise 30th B-day party for the girlfriends cousin. The following weekend may work for me, not sure yet. SO many things just keep coming up. Not sure if Jr. and Bassman are still thinging of going. I know bassman is invited to the party also. I'll keep you all posted on the dates that work for me.
hey right on Ryan, let me know....