Clear Lake Quagga rules for 2010

Mid January They decided to have you get your boat and trailer, inspected and tagged for Quagga and Zebra mussels every calender month. So this means if you fish say on 4/31 and you go back or even stay on the water overnight you will need a new inspection tag the next day on 5/1 (8-|

DFG and the Sheriff are issuing citations for launching without a QZ tag on your boat....$100 first pop and they can impound your boat if they choose too.

There is no inspection requirements for inflatables and kayaks.

The Board of Supervisors has improved the Lake County Invasive Mussel Prevention Program by passing Lake County Ordinance 2915 to better protect the water bodies of the County from possible quagga and zebra mussel infestation.

This ordinance:
Requires a mandatory screening that includes a physical inspection for any water vessel prior to launching in a Lake County water body. All vessels are required to obtain either visitor compliance bands or resident inspection stickers prior to launching.
Applies to all motorized and non-motorized vessels that are trailered.
It does NOT apply to canoes, kayaks, car-top boats, float tubes, rafts, wind surfers/boards, and boogey boards.

Establishes a fee of $10.00 for each vessel.
Bans the disposal of live bait and any liquid that contains or has contained live bait into Lake County water bodies.
Your cooperation and assistance in educating others about this threat is critical to the protection of Lake County lakes and fisheries.

Detailed information about the mussel prevention program is provided here for your convenience. For further information, please call the Lake County Mussel Hotline at (707) 263-2556.
Thanks for the info I will be up there next weekend 9th-11th to see if I can get a couple hogs.

Set'Em Good
oh helll yaaaa!! I will be up there next week from monday the April 5th to Friday April 9 !!
Fish on Baby!!!
Time to RIPP SOME LIPPS!!!!!
PM me with the update on how you did,.....

Set'em God
thats a big 10-4 there buddy
Looking foreward to relaxing at the lake house =). Forecast looks a bit windy, but we have 5 days to sit and wait for the perfect conditions. Bahahah.
Nice...can I come up Ragg???? (8-|
yo ryan... Tim said to give him a call also.... he is interested coming up for a day run.