Clear Lake tips/tricks/hints?

Hey guys,

So my girlfriend surprised me with a trip to Clear Lake next weekend. I have never fished there before. I haven't caught my first fish of the year yet, but think this will be the place. We will be staying in Nice, CA. We would like to rent a boat or kayaks to fish, where would be a good place?

What areas on the lake are good? What kind of baits should I throw and what colors?

Any help/info is appreciated! I know there are some Clear Lake veterans on here!
Maxwell, I'm also interested in this info. I have only gone there once last year and it was July. So I'm probably not much of help to you this time. But FYI, we fished near Clear Lake State Park area. We caught two, 21" and 18" on hollow berry swimbaits on the grass 100 yards out. I was expecting more action based on other reports, so maybe that area is not so good area? I don't know.

I'm hearing not much action on the north end right now. ( I heard from someone who lives on the lake at Nice). Some are saying south end is generally better? (I am not certain which area is considered south though.)

And let us know how you did when you come back. I'm thinking about going up there next month.
I've only been there a couple times myself, so I don't know about boat/kayak rental up there.

If you will be taking your gf fishing, I say skip the lures and buy a couple dozen minnows.

Circle hooks with split shot 2-3ft up the line and you're good to go.

Good luck.
Bump for the fact that I still dont know where I should even start on the lake!
Maxwell, One thing I was thinking about doing before my trip was to call up the bait shops up there. You might want to try that if you haven't done so yet.
with the cold weather the lake is super tough right now.
best bet would be the minnows(you will catch fish doing that)
if you don't want to do that I would go worms...nice and slow
ill be up there next weekend for the ABA Northern Region bass tourney. Overall its tough for most fisherman. there is a reaction bite for cranking but i wouldnt recommend it unless you know the lake well. i heard the north end is startin to pick up. i would throw A Rigs and jerkbaits on the points or secondary points leading into the the creeks or coves. Cover as much water as possible until you find one then there should be a school near by. Pay attention to the depth you catch the fish and stay in that zone. the south end is still tough i would fish rockpiles about 15-20 ft offshore. i know you wont have a fish finder but theres plenty of rock walls and all of them have ledges so just back up a little and work the ledge. thats were most of the fish will be getting ready for the prespawn bite. either go out of the casino (north) or the oaks (mid to south). good luck