Clear Lake Whopper

Hey SJB. Haven't done much bass fishing lately but took a trip to Clear Lake with some friends for the weekend. Fishing wasn't red hot, but I was lucky to land this beautiful 9lber and bunch of 2lbers on my kayak.

Fish are in shallow, all fish caught 8-12fow on crankbaits.
That's a tank of a fish, nice catch!
nice piggie!
Very nice Won!
Nice one Won!
Monster. Sheesh!
I'm long over due to go up there.
That's a dink bro!!!! Lol jk!!
a guy just posted on WB regarding a 16.3lb bass he just caught at Clear Lake on a crawdad colored spinnerbait . In one of the pics , it barely fits in the livewell . he released it for future dreamers to try and catch.
tight lines ,