Clearlake 11-06

Brother Will and I made a last minute trip to Cache Creek Casino then to Clearlake with his buddy. Hit the casino from 2-4:30 and won 55 bucks for baits. Arrived at Redbud Pier launch at 6 am. When Jimmy was openibg the back gate to the store he came out and greeted us and mentioned we picked the wrong day to fish...for the American Bass TOC was this day Friday not on Saturday, as brother and I thought! Well we were there, so I got some needed baits and spent my winnings. Got a great discount and left as happy as Jimmy =)...Thanks Jimmy @ Clearlake Bait & Tackle! We got on the water by 6:30 and headed across the lake heading north to one of our usual coves and hit the bank with my new baits. Water was stained from algae blume but clearing. Water temp was 61 degrees. Forcast of light showers and scattered cloud cover. If I remember right William hooked up first up front with a nice chunker or two. Then was my turn from the back and after getting half way to the boat it shook off. Two cast later bam! Hooked up another nice chunker and was sure to get that one in the boat. Two cast later bam, another 2.8 chunker. Got em near the shore at around 10 feet. Will hooked up on a couple more and then we were off to another promissing spots of ours. Wow the day was going great so far till we got to the next spot and found 3 boats from the tourney already camping out there! So we moved on over towards Conocti where we found more boats. Man did we pick the busiest day of the week to fish! Had boats passing us by to beat us to several of our destinations, till finally we said "screw it we are locals and they are the visitors here!" We pulled in between two tournament boats and Brother Will rips the fatty of the day from under a gazebo pier outstreaching from a point, which is always good for a few fish on a regular day. He sets the hook and his new G-Loomis rod, bows to the mean hookset and loads up heavy! He mentions it has good weight as I hear his line start to streach, making that all too familiar twang sound, so I grab the net. Will works it in perfectly to me and the fish literally jumps out out the water at me and I pull back about a foot and catch it for 2 points! Nice fish...and boy, I was envious. Glad for my a good chunker on his new rod! To make things even better, the bass weighed in at 5.8 lbs and he made sure the other tourney boats saw it, as he released her over the side. Must have maid the 2 teams mad we got the kicker fish they were needing from our Bayliner right inbetween them and then ran, after hanging out for a bit. Got to love it! It gets frustrating sometimes getting shoved around on our home lake, by out of town tourney boats...that I wish I was fishing from. =) So many times that day, they saw where we were headed, and just blew by us and beat us there! GRRRRR! JR. Tim and BRADRC51 let's get your boats out there. Take me and 510lip_ripper fishing on your fast boats. (8-| All in all a fun day fishing with my bro and his buddy. Think about 9 or 10 fish from 2-5.8 lbs. Brother kicked my but 3:1, and got the fattest of the day too! Way to go 510lip_ripper...I need more practice! ;(
we said "screw it we are locals and they are the visitors here!"

;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( :D :D :D :D :D :D lol lol lol lol lol

Right on Stand Up Stand Up got to Stand Up for your rights
right on my raggamuffin Right on brother Bob Marley would be proud :D :D :D
Sweet day!!
This lake is da bomb!! Everytime we went we caught fish... I cant wait for spring time to get back up there again for some spring time lip rippin!!
Will always gets the best of catches when you guys go, whats up with that!!??
Nice report!!
Yeah 510lip_ripper is just a good fisherman! What do you expect from the baby of a fishing family? I expect outr next trip to be more productive with less competition on the water. Did good for a day with over 200 tournament boats plus local anglers. Mike, why wait till spring? Fall bite is good too. Catch em all year round there, even in the winter rain! Trip comming up soon with JR. getting better. Possibly before the end of the month. Crab fishing on weekends and bass fishing during the week. Willing to get a weekend off from the crab boat to do a CL SJBass run with the boys!