Clearlake guide trip with Matt Allen 3/4

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my guide trip experience with Matt Allen yesterday and of course a couple pictures of my fish :)

We launched at about 8:00am'ish, it was about 43 degrees in the morning and water temp was 50 degrees I believe and visibility was about 1.5-2ft. We hit our first spot and it was loaded with 5+lbers, it was insane to see this many large fish grouped up. We spent about 1.5 hrs trying to get them to commit, but no dice so we move on to the next spot. Right off the bat I nailed a 2 lber and about 30 mins later a 4.7 and then it was on! Right after that a 7.25 smashed my swimbait!

Shortly after that a couple of boats started to creep up on our spot and I landed a 5.7 and had to keep it cool and not draw attention (Clearlake gets competitive really quick and there will be 10 boats next to you) so we quickly pulled it into to the boat and Matt was working on getting the hook out and I was just standing there and decide to grab my other rod and chuck it out so the other boats don't see me looking at the fish on the deck. I kid you not I land a 6lber within seconds of the 5.7, it was insane!!

I won't even tell you the weight of the fish that we missed!!

It was freaking great day and Matt, not only knows what these big fish want, but where to get them!!

I would recommend going out with him to all of you in a heartbeat and I'll be going out with him again for sure!!

For those of you that aren't familiar with him:

He runs an informational bass fishing site and he's caught 50 fish over 10lbs with 17.2 being his biggest fish. He just received his guide license and I was lucky enough to be the first on the books! I'm seriously still stoked about this trip, even though I didn't break my PB I definitely was in a position to!

Hit him up immediately if you want to get on the bite I was on (his contact info is on the site above)!

Sweet, I watch alot of his vids on You tube.
looks like your up in the north end??
Niiiice! When I go up to there, I'll book him for sure.