Closing Coyote ????

I keep hearing the are going to close Coyote??????? any input here would be nice.If you SJBer's hear anything please POST HERE........ :'(
ya it is a pro con situation that is up to the rangers not the water district right an essay for the pro's and one for the con's
I'm pretty sure it's up to the water district. That is who closed down castiac down south. They have the most to lose, as it would cost alot of money to deal with the mussels messing up their water delivery systems.

They have been putting fliers on the cars at the ramp, which is a good thing.
Right but coyote is a self fill lake no water pumped in only water pumped out. The water district wants nothing to do with it because everyone is pissed at them so the rangers are all fighting about as well coming from one of the senior rangers out there. But every ranger you ask has a different story.
Duz and I talked with a Ranger about it on our way out Saturday. He said the Water District has left it up to them to control the spread of the mussels. He mentioned having people checking the boats. Not that that would do any good, they might see the mussels but not the larva. It would be dumb to close the lake if they found mussels. It's not going to stop the spread at all. He didn't say they would be closing the lake.

One other option he mentioned was to not allow any outside boats in the water and have rental boats available. Think they'd have some Triton's for rent? ::)
Well it seem's like all our right's in this state is slowly being strip away..........WELCOME TO COMIEFORINA...........I born and raised here in this state for 55 year's, I've never seen so many thing's change as much as they have in the last 10 year's............This is turning in a you can't do this state....... >:( >:( >:( I have a feeling this mussel will be in every lake sooner or later, from what I've been reading..........I think in the long run we will just have to live with this mussel in our lake's < not a good thing to have but I don't see how it is going to stop........It's kinda like losing a parent/relative or friend.......Life goes on make the best of it........You know te old saying when life hand's you lemmon's make lemmonade...........CLOSING THIS LAKE AND HAVING RENTAL'S THAT WILL BE A JOKE........SORRY I'AM ALSO GOING TO VENT HERE......SCWD AND DFG GET YOU HEAD OUT OF YOUR @$$............SHUTTIN DOWN LAKE'S WILL NOT STOP THIS MUSSEL....SO LIVE WITH IT...................Paying for Fishing Lic.....boat reg............what the hell is this coming to, I don't mind paying these thing but I do mind our right's beening STRIPPED AWAY.......THIS STATE STARTING TO $#(K PRETTY SOON THERE IS GOING TO BE 1 LESS NATIVE CALIFORINA (ME) BOY NOW I NOW HOW NATIVE AMERICAN'S FELT.......Found this on another forum>The overlooked subject is that waterfowl will transport these more than boats. They lake hop much more than boats and the quagga can attach to any surface. Even if they ban fishing the spread will continue.
The water district wants everything to do with it regardless of what they say. Coyote is at the top of the whole system, it flows down to Anderson and keeps on going.

"The water district has left it up to them (DFG)"? are the water districts making them responsible if the stupid a$$ mussels get in to the lakes?

Solutions need to be found. There are numerous threads about ideas to monitor and control the spread from boats on a few other forums.

Here's a good one: ... 4859&page=
The lake is still open and will remain open from what I have heard. but like gene said you ask on ranger then another and another and you get three different stories. I talked to a ranger friend of mine today, who was out there fishing and he said at this time it will stay open and a trout plant to come with in the next two weeks. feeding time baby. They will most likely be opening the launch ramp at 8am instead of sunrise, they plan to be doing an inspection of all boats to help with the mussel issue and make the water district happy.
Check out this mussel! ;)

Three today at coyote. 6-1, 4-7, and a keeper.
All came on a spinnerbait. Less than 5 feet of water. In about 2.5 hours. Finally a good day out there. Would have had at least another 4 lber but came off at the boat. Reaction died after sun came out and wind stopped.
nice..what was the water temp bro
Nice!!!!! Bout time we see some nice FISHY PHotos!!!!!!
Temp between 56.5 and 58.5 depending on which side of the lake. Hell yeah Jim Jr bout time.
oh you like coyote pic's? the one in my garage was released!!!



Nice Fish.................. :)