Come Support Junior Anglers

Hi Guys,
I am really busy trying to get our lure to the masses and I know i have overstepped a couple times when it comes to promoting Flip In The Bird. I can not say enough about how great This Forum has been to us and i appreciate everyone who has been patient with us. I will not promote our site here today, i would like to invite everyone over to a very cool Facebook page that the junior anglers who like using the bird lure started. It is a place where Junior anglers can share everything about bass fishing they are learning, to let us all know how they are doing, and what events they participate in.

After all the tragic events of the recent past we feel that having a place where Juniors can go to do something positive could not hurt.

Cal (14) Our Junior Angler Moderator.
As one of the people who sort of perpetuated some of the activity on some of your promotional posts, I would like to apologize personally. You in no way overstepped your bounds, and I'm an idiot for not realizing that you are actually a site sponsor. That being said, my posts were mainly just for fun and to stir the pot so to speak.
I applaud your dedication and your ability to turn your dreams into reality. It's a lot of work, and most, including myself, have yet to accomplish such a feat. I wish you continued success.
Oh, and thank you for supporting this site and organizations like the one in this thread. We need more kids fishing and less playing video games!
houla ,
good post .
supporting and teaching youth about bass fishing , or fishing in general , is important .
Last summer , I took my 10 yr old nephew up to Anderson , he ended up catching 9 bass
and you couldn't wipe the grin off his face for days.
Reminded me of my uncle teaching me.
I hope these guys doing the flip-in-the-bird , have tons of success , tight lines and pass on the good karma.
good luck guys ,