Confidence baits?

So what do SBJers like to throw when you need a bite? Developing a confidence bait can boost your success, and many times sticking to your favorite guns on a tough bite can be a difference between zero and hero. Some baits can sometimes offer near instant success for new bassers (drop shot, T-rig, Senkos), and other techniques can take years to become skilled at. What baits do you find yourself fishing the most, and why?

I fish a T-rigged Sweet Beaver everywhere. Clear water or stained water, rocky humps or weedy shallows, this bait is a consistent fish catcher for me. I've caught'em with it in 1 feet of water and in 25-30 feet. Its a bait that I can do most anything with, yet time and time again I find myself fishing a T-rig with the lightest weight possible for the current situation. I opted to really learn jigs instead of swimbaits during the swimbait boom, and although I fish a lot of jigs, the T-rigged Beaver will always be tied on, anywhere, anytime. After several years of 3-4lb average fish on jigs, my PB since then came on the Beaver, and its won me a tourney with several top 5 finishes also.
I'm gonna assume we're talking mostly about lakes, i would never fish this at the delta...but i would have to say a 1/2 football head dressed with a yamamoto hula grub, they work great at any depth, any water temp/clarity, and thinking about it i always have one tied on. They also provide great feeling through the line and into the rod to let me know whats down there. Also caught my pb on it.
Bahaha, I don't have one any more...been so long since I have felt a bite, or have gotten on a pattern! =)
Jerkbait and crankbait Fall/Winter
Brush Hogs and hollow bodied frogs Spring/Summer
Dropshot rig 4.5" hologram Shad roboworm.. #1 catching fish setup. Or a rapala dt10 in craw pattern
Looks like the jig is the favorite so far. Not at'all surprising lol

Sweet Beaver pulled through again yesterday too. Got me my last 1lb rat that shot me up 3 or 4 places over the lower part of the field.
Dead sticking a 4.8" flickshake on a d-shot with 4lb fluorocarbon.
Bass Assassin