Contra Loma

Plan on going here on Sunday if the weather settles down. I know the water is down. Are you still able to launch a boat from the launch ramp? If not im heading to the delta. I will post a report when i get back.
Go to the delta no mater what. I've never been to Contra Loma but i've heard it isn't very good and the Delta is amazing.
Just got back from Contra Loma. Only boat on the water. Got a 4-14 on a swimbait and a 4-11 on a crankbait and a bunch of 1 pounders on d-shot. Lots of cute milf's walking the lake. lol
nice day. Where is contra loma?
its in antioch take hwy 4 -lonetree exit
Ive always wanted to go there, but I always opt for the delta 8-)
i'm not ever going the're the deltas to good and too cloose to it.
Going to hit it up again thursday in the am.
Forgot to past thursdays report. water temp 61 and clear. Started at the dam in the am off my boat throwing swimbait for almost 2 hours nothing. Jigs and crankbaits worked best. Fish wouldnt touch the jig on the bottom. They really slamed it when hoped off of the bottom sort of a reaction strike. biggest 5-4 on the crank