Could we build up the Almaden Perc Ponds?

I understand that it's property of the county, BUT what are the chances that they would allow the anglers to help build a good fish population, and habitat to build a super strong recreational fishing spot. Artificial reefs, and other structures placed in the ponds to lure fish into their vicinity (and within reach of us anglers), population boosting, and maybe even food/prey introduction or some natural food sources like crayfish, or shad that are naturally occurring. Just a thought on making something good, even better, and I really have no grounds on judgment of the place as I have only began fishing again. But I do remember my old coach from high school lived in a housing community where he talked to the owners, and they agreed to allow him to build up the ponds in the development to cater to bass, and he would even stock the ponds himself with fish he caught elsewhere. It ended up being a huge community deal with small tournaments for kids, and fundraising because it was such a successful habitat build.

UNDERSTANDABLY, a lot of fishermen would not like there ponds to get anymore promotion and popularity, because it could possibly turn into a mess of people pillaging their favorite spot. But you could just get into talks privately with the Water folks, and if they agree, just build it up just for the people who use it currently and not allow it to go "public"

Ideas? Suggestions?
Probably not legally. The percolation ponds were built for...percolation into the underground water aquifer. There are times where they will go completely dry either from lack of rain or water operations, making all of that effort pointless.
I see. I am hoping/assuming that doesn't happen often.
I'm more curious if there's anything we can do about Anderson when it gets (partially) drained...turning it into a great fishery would be in the interest of the county because of the fees it would help generate. Even something simple like dumping some dead logs into the lake to create some more cover.
Dave , black shirt ,
love the way you both think . The only way to get those type of things accomplished is to put pressure on SCVWD. To do that , people have to understand how that system works and start attending the open meetings they hold . Out of all the money voted in for prop B , some of that is targeted at supporting habitat and fisheries , BUT if fisherman take a wait and see attitude , NOTHING will get done for bass fishing.
The Steelhead guys , small numbers as they are , are really good at promoting and collecting support for the ever so "endangered" migratory steelhead.
Calero has the bass , and really big bass , because of the transfer of bass back in the mid eighties when they drained Anderson to repair the pumps. Personally , I would love to see some of the bass transferred from Anderson when is lowered , to Calero, Lex and Coyote. That will prevent a "die off" when lowered and stock up those lakes when they get an enevitable amount of pressure when Anderson is closed.
Action needs to be taken as a group , otherwise SCVWD will think all is well for the fisherman.
Tight lines ,
I say we start attending then. I am no politician, but people in power do not scare me.
^ Agreed!
I will do some research, and post what I find.
Dave ,
I am in agreement .
Denise at CBT knows some of the people and I think she attends some of the meetings .
If lots of people attend , they can't ignore it , if only a few people attend , they push it aside.
You would need to learn how to follow the policies and procedures they set up internally.
I think the whole "coffer dam" they have in the plan for the retro of Anderson was set up to protect Steelhead.
Keep us posted , I will help out.
Perc ponds are only able to supportso many fish just by the size of the ponds and food they provide. More cover and food really wont do much (well food will help but it certainly wont double to population).

Anderson... I'm not sure about. I've caught a few large fish and a ton of dinks. I dont recall ever catching a fish there that seemed unhealthy or starved. The fish finder shows a good population everytime I'm out big and small so the amount of fish doesn't seem to be an issue. In terms of cover?!?! It's a lake with very little but really that's just the character of the lake itself. There are plenty of lakes back east that have ton's and tons of cover and there are lakes with ZERO (less then anderson). I personally feel your time would be better spent trying to keep more water in our lakes and ridding them from invasive species like CARP.
I saw the huge carp in the percs, those aren't planted.
carp are a huge problem , they feed on bass eggs and disturb otherwise good spawning area's .

As for water in the local lakes . I have posted several times on this website the phone numbers that all of us could contact both the SCVWD and Parks and Rec about putting pressure to maintain our ability to fish these lakes regarding water levels.
i would bet NOBODY called these numbers . I commend Dave for his offer and idea about his previous post. I guess evereybody else either assumes the parks and rec people and SCVWD people have us the fisherman's interest at the forefront of proactive actions and want to improve our local fishing lakes and habitat-------if you believe that , your crazy.
California and the GOVT paid people are too lazy ,stupid and ingnorant to build , protect and restore our fisheries. They would rather sit in thier cars and play dumb. Typical GOVT inefficiences.
Dave , please post your findings , I would be happy to support any/all your efforts .
Think u guys might be a little confused becuase I certainly don't want carp in our lakes. It would be interesting to find out just how much money is spent on our local water ways in terms of improving them.
not confused and not accusing .
just stating , I hate carp!!! totally worthless fish that has a negative affect on bass.
I would bet , ZERO money is spent on improvement , basically just enforecment.
20 + years ago , I used to watch the DFG with these huge boats at Calero that had big square drop nets that were used to scoop up fish after they were electrically schocked. my understanding , they let the gamefish back and tossed the trash fish .
Sure wish they would do that more .
Personally , when I accidentally catch a carp , quick slit of the throat , and back to the water.
tight lines ,
I now bring a carp rod (My shark rod) to me when I go to the Percs, and I will catch one of those beasts, Don't people eat carp? gross. Anyways, Hope to catch one soaking some of this carp bait on Sunday, It smells good, good enough I wanted to try it, looks to be a cornmeal based, sugar paste.... Hrm..... Who wants to see me eat carp bait?! }:(