couple toads

went out today for a couple hours managed to pull up these two toads one 5 other 5.5, biggest fish i have gotten into this year, bro also missed another one, water is warming up get out there guys!
[8|] those are some beauties!!
as mike krukow would say..."atta babe" ....nice hat
nice job, those are some fatties.
nice fish! where did u catch those at?
Very nice! Must have been a nice fight.
Good job. It's getting good!! 8-)
Awesome fish right there
hey guys i have gotten a lot of pms about where these fish were caught, unfortunately i cannot tell u where this is. If you do know the body of water i will be happy to talk about how and were i caught the fish, i dont want this gem to get blown up. Just wanted to show some nice fish and encourage people to get out there fishing
Duramax - know how to catch big fish.
Nice Fish and Report TY It's nice to see picture's I don't blame you about not telling where you caught them the way people been acting latley I would not want to tell either....
Studying the background, types of trees, rocks, wind direction and current of water to hone in on Duramax's GPS location as you guys speak!

Duramax.. I'm going to find you man! [green]
Caught a few nice ones today on the same body of water. The fishing is getting good everywhere!
I know where ! Keep in it queit:)
haha well im sure everyone that fishes this body of water is ethical enough to not start pounding it or atleast everyone i have talked to about it seems like upstanding bass fishermen on this forum. Nice fish basschaser.