Coyote 10/6

Went out for a few hrs. in the afternoon and look what I found. 10 lbs. 6 ozs. (first DD bass!!!) Caught him on plastics.
Nice fish and congratulations!! Now that's the way to start a weekend. lol
Very Nice Fish , one day one day or night i will get a DD [8|] [8|]
Sweet nice find [green]
Thanks guys I'm still shaking!!! Hey Sr. Glad to hear Jr is doing well
Hellz yea Buddy. Congratulation on your double digit. Welcome to the CLUB. All you need now is to tell Elephant try to catch ONE! (ONLY IF HE CAN)..haha..J/K..
Now that will surely make Jr. smile....
See Jr. I told ya we would take care of your "Yote Double D" Ladies....

Now that was some :) "smiling muscle memory" :) therapy for ya JR..

Congrats Herms !!!!
Very Nice!!!!!
looks like yotes still kickin out them DD's. good job bro
NICE FISH!!!! dude!!!.....Welcome to the DD CLUB!!!!!......NOW GET OU N GET ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!....Hehehe

Thanks Jr.

Good to see your back in the mix!!!

dude... i wanna be in the club!!! friggin man i'm sooo pissed...
Nice man! I like it a lot.