Coyote 3-27

Went out to Coyote on Friday. Fished 9ish to 3. Fished from the first parking location before the docs all the way up to Calaveras.

4 fish total, two 1lbers and two 2.5lbers. 1lb at the left boat dock on spinner, 2.5lb at the rocky point just before lookout point on WR senko, then 1lb and 2.5 lb at the turnout just south of oak flats by the reeds on spinner.

The pic is the first fish i've laded using plastic! I have a hard time with plastics but now i'm trying the drop shot method and it seems to be a better fit for my skill level. I only lost one rig this time where other days I'd lost 4 or 5 with TR's.

There's nothing better than fishing during the week when no one else goes out.

Congrats on the nice fish and your first plastic!! lol lol
Wahoo Congrats!! lol It took awhile for me to get used to fishing slow with plastics but now I always one have tied on one of my rods. Lizards in the spring can produce big fish. Vote on the current Open Forum match up. 8-)
Yay! There you go! Don't give up on those brush hogs...they really work, give em another try! Thanks for showing us the picture of your first fish on a plastic! More to come for sure!