Coyote Bait and Tackle Tourney Results April 2011

Big fish day 2 at Coyote was 10lbs, with a couple 8lb'ers. That's coyote for ya!

Fun to see the bag size differences between coyote and anderson, although well expected.

Let's hear from the guys who fished it, how was it? Maybe some pics?

Here are the results:
Fun weekend! I caught the big fish 10.75, on a chart./ white chatter bait, off the dam. But the tournament was won out of the south end. Water is stained , 55-57 degrees on the north end and up to 61 in the south. Lake opens on Friday!!
Had a great time working the tourney over the last 2 days while being on the water watching it all unfold. Saturday morning saw cold temps. mixed in with some good wind at blast off. Most teams went north looking for that cleaner water, while others went south looking for a more shallow bite. Water temps. were in the low 50's at blast off but were in the high to mid 50's come mid day. Teams in the north end were on typical Anderson points, islands, and deep water stucture, and towards mid day many boats were stacked in packwood and rattlesnake trying to get that better bite. Down south the water was a bit warmer and teams were on a more shallow bite looking for that cover near shore. Day one came to end with tons of bass being caught, with the bigger sacks coming out of the south. Most teams I spoke to had caught 20-40 of the typical Anderson cookie cutters, but just couldn't get that bigger fish to give them that edge.

Then it was day 2, the one everyone had been waiting for with much anitcipation. Blast off lacked the cold Anderson wind, and as expected, the majority of the teams ran south to bass heaven. The water temps. were slightly warmer than Anderson's, with readings of mid 50's in the morning, to low 60's mid day. With the high water, teams were able to get far back into the south, and most were fishing tight with an array of shallow water applications. Down in the north end teams were a little farther off the bank, looking for those points, and islands that are no longer visible. The water clarity in the north end was muddier than the south, and most if not all of its pockets and cuts were filled with "trash." Come check in time there were mixed reports. Some had said they put together a big bag, others said they had caught one giant, while others said they just couldn't get on them. The weigh in was awesome, with some truly big fish and big bags being brought in. In typical Coyote fashion there were big fish caugh in all areas of the lake, although the south end seemed to be more consistent in yielding the bigger bags.

This tournament was a testament to how lucky we are as anglers. Day one saw tons of bass being caught, with teams averaging 20+ bass per boat. Day 2 we obviously see less fish, but the quality is there, with some truly big fish being brought in. On another note, I think it's also why the anglers out here and in CA in general get so good. We have such diverse, and heavily pressured lakes, that we have to constantly adjust and get used to using so many different applications. From swimbaiting and flipping, to throwing small nose hooked drop shoths in 40+ feet of water we do it all.

i want to give a big congrats to all the participants for fishing so hard, and a big thanks to Denise and Terry from THE shop, Coyote Bait, for sponsoring this tourney. Peace, JD.