Coyote Bait & Tackle Tourney

We finished the first day with a little over 8lb total. We caught lot of fish at Anderson but we just couldn't find the right one. We didn't expect that we would make the 2nd day, but fortunately we finished at 16th place that will qualify us for Coyote Lake Tourney.

The water level is extremely high at Coyote lake, and the water clarity is like chocolate milk. Our best 5 today was very close to 20lb, we had 1lb 2.5lb 4.5lb 5.5lb and 6.5lb kicker. We were struggle to get another good fish to replace our smallest one otherwise we would have bigger bag. I got the biggest and smallest fish, and my partner got all the other nice fish.

We finished 5th at the end of tournament. It was one interesting 2 day tournament, and I hope Coyote Bait will do this every year.

Good Luck Fishing All
Good job Tim!!! You and Jessie really represented team Nitro. I am at the airport now and one my way back from Nashville. I am sooooo happy to come home. The only problem is i have my reels but no rods here.
That fish is biger than the bag I got at Anderson on sat... Ha!!