Coyote Bait & Tackle's Lowest Prices of the Year!

Ok one last reminder to our faithful San Jose Bass anglers. Our 3 day annual parking lot megasale is coming up in just a few days starting Friday thru Sunday evening! Looks like the weather is going to hold for us too. Saturday will be our big day with all the reps from various companies here to answer all your questions and show you new products! We’ll have a big raffle Saturday with lots of goodies starting at 3pm. Attached is a flyer with a preview of what we will have on sale and also a 20% off coupon. Come enjoy the day with us looking forward to seeing you! Thanks for your support.
All I see is a red x ... can i print that and still get the 20% off??
do you pay tax on a 500 dollar lowrance HDS unit?
what electronics do you guys have, is there any special on those?

can you stack coupons, like 20% coupon and then 20% already off on the scotty stuff?
Don't know why it's showing an X on your computer. It show's up on all ours?

To answer the question about stacking the coupons NO. Most customers usually are buying rod or reels with their 20% off coupon, plus we are paying the tax so it's about 30%.

Hope to see you all!!
I'm getting the red X to.
IF you guys are getting the red X i might have a solution but not too sure but it worked for me. I was using Microsoft Internet Explorer when i got the red X then i switched to MOzilla Firfox and got it perfectly. try that out or any other program. HOPE IT works and ill be there on Saturday around 1-1:30 (After fishing or course)
I'm using Firefox on a Mac and it worked for me.

Got it! Hell of a sale going on there, got a new Curado with the 20% off and they are paying the tax.
Went to the sale today and bought a bunch of stuff, really good deals going on. While some are out buying stuff in the morning ill be testing out the new gear.