Coyote Cleanup Day??

I know I'm new here but I thought I'd try pitching this to you guys and see what you think- we could use it as an excuse to have a get-together.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying leave your gear at home...if it looks good it would be a shame not to put a line in the water [green] Angler's cove always has a good deal of crap along the shore, and I'm guessing the entire western bank is only a mile or two which we could walk in less than an hour. I just think it sucks fishing while an empty can of budweiser is floating by... lemme know what you think. Also, I only picked Coyote because I'm most familiar with that spot so if we do decide to do this and someone suggests a better res. let's go for it. If nothing else, this will give us all some good luck with the fishing Gods hahaaa -Sam
uvas has a pretty good amount of trash layin around. it irritates me that people think they can just leave their empty bait containers and beer cans laying along the shoreline. very disrespectful to the enviorment and to other anglers.
Thanks for suggesting this...great idea...I would very much like to be a part of something like this...
i would be happy to do a clean up day
Clean-up day is a good excuse to put boats in the water, ie Lexington! Pick up trash and get to fish. I would love to get my boat in some of these places. Banded & trolling motor only. It might fly? lol
I'm Down!
lexington is not open to boating.
davetnitro wrote:
lexington is not open to boating.

I think he meant that a good excuse would be to allow boats into lakes like lexington that are off limits for the clean ups. idk i might have interpreted wrong.
I would def help out cleaning up some of our fishing spots...
Cool so let's let this thread keep running and see if we can get 15 or 20 people on board, and we can start setting up a date. I'll bring the garbage bags and red bull
Redbull :D :D :D I'll be there. Only need 4 of us that drink it, to get the whole lake, campground, and reasrooms clean lol lol.
im in for sure as long as not monday or wednesday i have class in modesto but for sure let us know the date and time and i may be able to bring a friend as well
Hey Guys, I'm sorry I haven't chimed in sooner but things have been VERY VERY busy on my end lately. I personally think this is a GREAT idea, it's good for the environment, our local lakes, and it will show just how committed the SJB members are to taking care of our local waters.

I say we go mainstream with this, and post an article on the front page and ask Denise at Coyote Bait and Mel Cotton's if they would be interested in helping us get the word out.

I also think this would be a great time to hold an SJB BBQ and fish day! I know it will be cold but I'd be more than happy to stand by a fire pit watching a tri-tip cook while holding my favorite beverage. 8-)

Let's all start working on a date, and go from there. It would be great if we could get something going in January after the holidays and New Years.


Yeah January sounds good...I agree if we go mainstream we should try for a weekend day...
new years day falls on a sat, but i think that most people will be in recovery that weekend, so maybe the weekend after? 8th or 9th?