Coyote: Current Water Clarity?

For those that have been out recently, what is the water clarity like? How deep can you see? I'm hoping to go out soon and am trying to get my baits sorted. I'd really appreciate info.
I was there about 2 weeks ago and it was only 3-4 feet of visibility.
The best I have ever seen at Coyote is maybe 5ft of visibilty. My guess would be like 2-3ft this time of year. This lake is typically a murky lake.
Looks better than it was last Spring and last Fall. I was there during both seasons and water visibility was 2ft or less.
I was out there today and the south end was getting the brunt of the wind. Water clarity there was less than a foot (shoreline was all churned up). Everything north of the oak flats had about 2 foot visibility
almost forgot, 2 days ago passed a guy who landed a 8-9lber on the southside in no more than 2 foot of water....................jealous [green] [green] [green]