Coyote Lake - my humble personal best 4/9

Went out for the first time this year yesterday with a buddy and managed to catch my personal best, by far. Honestly thought I lost yet another lure, thinking it was stuck on the bottom again. The bite was on early in the morning, catching 5 total, but then it quickly disappeared shortly after this one. It turned out this was my last catch/bite/nibble/anything of the day.

She was a true fatty....weighing in at just under 8.6 lbs. My previous pb was under 3, believe it or not.
good stuff bro! I need to get out on coyote more this year and catch some fatties!
G! Great job dude! I see you picked up a 705R, sick, sick rod..looks like your putting it to good use. Many more pigs for you to come bro!