Coyote Lake

Never been to this lake before, just wondering if anyone can share advise how to fish this lake on the boat. Is this lake the same as other santa clara county lakes with 35mph? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks
35mph. prepare to get skunked. lol

Fish it like you would a normal lake and you should do okay.
Just fish it like the other lakes. The bite can be very tough out there. If you go tomorrow prepare to fight with everyone else. Most people use the things that look like fish I forgot the name of those baits :) lol . The trout one seems to do well there. [green] Good luck.
There you go Tim, never been there before either! That's a trip we can go on...unscrew that back seat it's always in the way! :D Man my brother is going to hate me! Oh well, Jessie you out there? Let's go fishing. lol
There seem to be fish everywhere along the banks in Coyote. Tomorrow is the reopening for boats. Gonna be croweded out there. It's been closed to boats for like 3 months or so (good for me, i'm a banker).

Spinners and plastics will get you fish for sure. Jigs work well too (not for me but I've read posts).

Keep sorting through some posts on this forum with Coyote in the title...lots of info there.
Calero is doing well lately too....hit that one up when you can.

Post some results once you've gone out there. Good luck!

I have caught some decent fish on a shakey head. 8-)
I guess I'll pass the war tomorrow. Plus the windy condition seem tough fishing. Good luck to ya all out there. But soon i will be out there to check it out as well.