Coyote Launch Ramp

Hi All,

I just heard that the Coyote Lake has openned up their launch ramp. Finally!!!

I also heard that they redesigned the the piers. Could someone take a photo of the new, redisigned launch ramp.

I'm curious as to how it looks now. Thanks

Happy Fishing!!!

Bassin Rob
I'll take a photo as soon as I can. From what I heard the ramp itself has remained the same, it's just the docks that were upgraded. They had been sitting there for quite some time when it was dried up.

I heard the water looks like chocolate milk at this point....

I've never launched my toon by backing down the ramp because it has been closed. Do they charge you for launching a toon now that the ramp is open?

Thanks Marce for the upcoming pic. Greatly appriciate that :)

As far as charging for launching the toon, they don't. I used to pay $6+ for the first few months I fished Coyote, but than I got smart. I talked to a Ranger sometime ago, and he mentioned that any crafts like that do not pay the launch fee. I launch my Sea Eagle inflatable boat and do not pay for launching, just parking.

Hope this helps.

Here you go everyone, this was taken today.
Are the trees in the back in water?
Looks great!!! Thanks for posting it :)

Awesome view :) Has anyone fished Coyote lately? Any luck catching some biggins?

I've caught 2 fish (in one trip, smaller ones too) for 7+ outings. :-?
Sweet! I can't wait to go to Coyote this year. Looks awesome.
I'll be fishing Coyote this Sunday morning.

Will let everyone know how things went.

If anyone is going out to Coyote, swing by and say "hi". I'll be in my Sea Eagle inflatable.

Happy Fishing :)

Thanks for the info BassinRob. I guess all the times I paid $6 extra could be looked at as a donation.

It was a beautiful day out at Coyote Lake. Too bad the Randers were back to their old tricks, checking registrayions, and kicking people off the water that didn't have them.

I was putting together my inflatable, when I was asked if I will be using a trolling motor. I said, yes. He replied, you can not be on the water without registering the boat. Onw thing led to onother, half way through my inflading the craft, I realized I have a hole in it.

So, I packed it up, and decided to fish from the bank. Working the shore line to the left of the launch ramp, I didn't catch anything.

Working the dam, no bits.

I wish I was on my boat, at least I would have been able to hit up various areas.

Happy Fishing!!!

P.S. Make sure you have your boat registered before you go out here.
You catch anything or any bites? How about the trees?
I didn't catch anything :(

Not sure if the trees in the South end are submerged, didn't get to go that way.

Maybe will try again next weekend.

Tight Lines!!!

your trees are in the water dmun. and the fish are in the water as well, so i hear. went out friday, got skunked, 2 for 2. Trying to catch up to Jerbs. Talked to some dude said he took two in the trees with a spinnerbait, one 6 3/4 and a smaller fish. After hearing that i went back today threw the 3/4 oz. spinnerbait and finally hooked a decent 3 pound 1 ounce fish at about 9 o'clock. no more fish in the trees. went back out to main lake threw everything but the kitchen sink the rest of the day with no bites. Was fishing by the steep walls and heard some kid yelling from his boat. Hit him up later said drop shotted a 9.8 lber. Then at the end of my grueling day I talk to some other guy, said sunday he landed a 13 lb 7 oz. monster. Saw the pic, he wasn't joking. And today he catches a 7lb fish along with three other small fish. I almost threw up when he told me this. Caught all of them on like a 2 inch jointed yellow crank. Maybe i read to many fishing mags? I don't know but the confidence is low at Coyote.
confidence is very low i was going to go in the boat today but decided to not go just because not very many people are catching fish

If I had a chance to get out there and fish anyday, I would be out there. Does not matter what others are catching. Its all about giving it my best and trying my hardest to figure out where those biggins are. That's what drives me out to the lake. If I catch any biggins, that is a plus.

Man, all you can ask for is a chance to catch a biggin. You just never know when you will catch em.

Good luck in the future.

well rob its not that i dont have alot of confiedence is more of a hassle for me since i have a broke foot right now and a cast to my knee so it is a little difficult for me to get in a boat let alone fish. I will have to sit down to fish the whole time.
I see. Well, that is a different story.

I hope you feel beeter soon, and find those biggins.

Wishing you speedy recovery.

Tight Lines!

I was there last week as well, I caught one fish that was less than a pound. The water looks just like tea. It's funny to look at your boats wake, it looks like 10,000 gallons of Lipton. ;-)

Better luck next time....