coyote night fishing

Can you fish coyote at night? Any thoughts or suggestions on where to go or what to use?
yes. fishing by yourself is kinda scary though. pigs and yotes aren't no joke. You get more comfortable the more you go.
Don;t forget about them big cats they get out there also Jerbs. Take a friend or two, it is much safer. The Cats have been seen in multiple places and the hogs run all over the place. I like the boat ramp for safety and there is some good fishing. Otherwise try the normal coves.
i go alot in the summer it aint that bad only ran into the boars once and i go out there for atleast six hours twice a week.Take a big knife or a strap if you feel that scared lol
sounds fun ;| I'll be sure to bring some friends, roadside construction flood lights and a desert eagle :) :)
But really it sounds interesting
whoops that what I meant CA. Never know when the mountainess lioness is stalking ya lol

I've been out there quite a few times at dark, but mostly when you could launch toons there early. O' how I miss those 3am missions. ;) Pretty creepy when your by yourself and you hear some rustling in the bushes.

Beware of Jason......