Coyote on 4-3 Report ..& The skunk off my b

Got off work nice and early so I grab the boat and headed north.. end up in Gilroy and on the water @ Coyote by 130pm.
Was a beautiful day on the water. Light breeze from time to time. Warm for most of the day as well. Mainly in the high 60's.

Water temps were 60 to 65 degree.
Fished with pumpkin seed senkos, spinner baits, and a Castiac swim bait.
Fished the creek area no bites.
Then moved out of that area and fish straight across from the boat launch area. Where there was a rocky area that led into dirt and got the skunk off my back for the 2008 season.
Got this on a pumpkin seed senko.
[highlight]1.5 #[/highlight]

Got the next one on a pumpkin seed senko again..

[highlight]4.5 #[/highlight]

And the last one ate my senko and it was my last one too.. in that color..
So I dug around in my worm bag.. found a rootbeer colored with flake ..
And sure enough it worked...
[highlight]Got this 4# ...[/highlight]

The two bigger ones all had the red markings in the mouths as well so they much have been feed on "craws".
Overall great day .. Winds picked up a bit towards closing time. But nothing out of the norm.. great weather, warm water, = great fishing overall...

*Side Note*
There was also a 11 plus pounder caught on a plastic swim bait right at boat dock as well.
Nice report RL,

I'm still in pursuit of something in the double digits. I think Coyote will be the place to do it at.

Looks like You had a good day RL.
twas' as great day...
Trying to get up there again this week a time or two.. between signing closing docs on my new house and fishing, its hard to get my priorities straight when the weather nice and the bite is good.

Oh ya and on a side note all the fish were caught within 3 feet of the bank too. I had the boat in about 7 to 10 feet of water..
Those are great looking fish rippin_lips! I cant wait to get out to Coyote again.. ;)
Nice PIX Mike specially when your the only one snappin the pix.....Lol...

Nice fish though.....
We I would not mind if someone would go with me anyone for that matter... but it is hard to find someone with a flexible schedule. Otherwise to anyone and everyone that wants to take a ride on the lake. I almost will always have a spot on my but for some to take my
None the less Hopefully Im heading out again tomorrow 4-10 Thursday.
If anyones in the area and wants a seats on the boat front or back.. I have no problems letting someone run the bow mount.

We spilt the entry @ 6.00 a per person. You part down at the ourlets and we can cruise up there in one car.
If your interested just let me know..
I need a camera