coyote report

Went out this afternoon around 3:30, strong north wind but warm. Working plastics i got a bite quick, looked to be around 2.5lbs when it jumped, then it took off like no other has this year...................sanp!!!

Thinking of leaving empty handed I decided to try one more spot just after 5. Working some cover I pulled out a 2.75, 2, a dink, and then the icing on the cake.......................6.25lbs

The two 2lbers had fanned tails
Excellent!! lol Congratulations looks like the bass are coming to life.
Workin too hard not fishin. I wanna fish, soon, very soon.

fish to live & fish to live 8-)
Wow nice catch! Good for you not giving up and hittin one more spot for a bonus fish to end the day. Sounds like the south bay lakes are starting ti lively up!
Nice fish!!! Hope to make it out there tomorrow to try my luck.
Went out this mornning and onl managed 3 fish. All came in @ about three lbs each.
nice job those fish are huge compared to what i am catching
damn, i want to go. I have to take monday or friday off, so i will be there.
BOY HOWDEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spawn time them fish are gettin ready