I heard alot of great things about coyote last spring i went there and got skunked. what should i throw and Is spring not a good time to fish coyote?
Dont expect a fish everytime from this LAKE!!!!!....LOL....

It has its good days and bad...More often BAD!!!!.....

Trust me as a "FRIEND" put it...."Just put in ur time and slow roll...." SURE AS SH!T

"JERBY" Jerbs was rite!!!!!!....Can learn a thing or 2 from this OKIE!!!!! LOl....Nutn but love jerbs!!!! 8-) 8-)

There are no fish in here, no seriously [green]
I think the problem with Coyote is there is not a large population of smaller fish, so you go a while without getting bit. Which gets to me because I dont know if Im doing the right thing or not. Put your time in, youll probably get skunked a few times but balance that out by hitting up Anderson every few trips, but if you put the time in there are some giant bass in this place.
there are a lot of dinks in coyote i have caught dinks all day at the yote i have fished yote for 7 sundays in a row looking for that dd last weekend i caught a 10" fish on a 6" bait ?? and then hooked a 7lb on a dt20 yote is a mystery lake possible of dinks all day or that one fish dd day once you think you got her down she flips the scripshes a bitch but i love her }:(
so can you always atch dinks here or is it only when the dd's arn't bitting because i was using small baits.
Been out there five times in the past month or so, three within the past week and only caught one fish about 3 and a half pounds on a jig. Black/blue and brown/purplr are your best bets. Those are really the only color jigs I throw so I really dont know if there's a better color to go with. Miguel got one over seven the other day. Seen a few other guys in boats and they didn't catch anything either. They were throwing cranks and we stuck to jigs.
so to fish it well you have to figure it out but until then you don't catch many big fish.
Basically you gotta put in the the right times. lol
Being on the water(ie. boat, float tube, toon) will help 10 fold.

Chaozu, you still lookin for that DD? If you are, I'd be draggin something a little bigger then a jig, all day long. [green]
what are some goodd spots from a float tube? What should i throw there?
On the water is a good spot. big lures. [green]
any passific spots or do you just cover hella water?
coyote is a god spot but watch out for the winds saved a guy in a toon on sun he lost a bladder on the south east side totally shore blown we droped him and his toon off at the dock he had no cell or any way of getting out --then we went over to lonley tree and i bagged a 6 pounder (pics coming soon have a stoner lazy camera man)
cover helllla water duuude
What section of the lake would be good right now for swimbaits?
the lake
cant fish the whole lake in a day so what side of the lake or something.
the east side
finnaly thank you!!!
try fishing ten days instead of one. a different part each day. You'll learn a lot more then askin us.