Any word on the fishing at coyote recently. Appreciate he info.

Not great all around right now.
just get out n fish.
fish are always there you just have to figure them out.
I've been fishing all over and things did slow down with this cold but they still bite.
don't think anyone is gonna tell you to go fish a specific spot or tell you what to use.
I'm sorry if I sound like a dick but that's the way it is.
find a fishing partner n learn from each other.
good luck out there.
Friends tell me it's muddy and still pretty tough fishing out there. When fishing Coyote I lower my expectations because it can be a hit or miss place for me although I've had a few epic fishing days out there. I'm talking about some serious hawg days! Like Urbina said though, just get out there and fish it thoroughly.
hey jcab how's it going.hey we still gotta hit San Luis sometime.
For sure Ill give a water report and I usually do.
I just get a little frustrated with asking about where the bites at ?
everyone has to go n figure it out or spend some time on the water.
I always give my buddies full fish reports but I don't like broadcasting online.
like I always tell them it's the Indian not the arrow.
Isn't that what this message board is all about? To help each other out post official report what you get it on the depth where at, etc.?
It's not like the fish are going to sit in one spot the entire time, fish swim around they follow the bait it's not necessarily going to be a honey hole. Just my opinion not trying to start a beef with anybody. Tight lines
My mistake. Being new to the area I was looking for some friendly advice. Like lips said I thought that's what this site is for. It's not like I was asking for your honey hole on the last day of the bass master classic. Only a brief report on the lake. I totally understand the concept of going out and figuring out the water your self. But when I have limited fishing time I need all the advice I can get. Thank you rippin lips and Ivan for the info. Just what I was looking for.
I'm waiting till it warms up before trying Coyote. I have never had luck there during the cold months and will most likely wait till late Feb/early March before taking the drive there. According to SCVWD, Coyote is now 51.3% capacity which is 12.4 feet higher than I was there last. Can't wait till spring. 8-)

Right now I'm still trying to figure out those dang surf perch. (8-|
my bad I didn't mean to sound like a dick.
as far as guys revealing there fishing style or baits.....good luck
I've asked people what they caught their fish on just to get a laugh
about them liying to me. lol some dude the other day said he got a
20 lb bag all on top water poppers lol. with this cold lmfao. waters 49°
then the time before that I ran into a dude fishing the bank n he says he had
caught 5 fish. after that he asked what fish where their in the lake.
they i asked what fish did you catch n he didn't even know. lol lie !