Has anyone been here lately and had any success?
Went out there early Wed. morning with a buddy for three hours, we both threw nothing but a jig and a hud. He got a 6 on a jig and I got the munchies...
Thanks for the reply frogflipper. I went out there on the 7th and fished around calaveras and made my way to the point by the buoys. There was a guy already there sitting on a bucket watching his rod...i said to myself this could be bad. I talked to him and he was like ive been doing well using live dads check this out! He pulls up his stringer, and attached to it is a double guessing like 10+ or so...i was like dang man u should let her go. After talking to him for a while i offered him 20$ to let her go and he let me release took me a while to revive her but she did swim off..btw i didnt catch anything but im hoping this carma pays off this spring!
Hell ya man! that's a pretty cool story. I had a guy I wish I could have been so lucky with at guadalupe a few years back.. saw him literally every single time I went there and he always had a 5+ or two on a stringer.. he thought it was hilarious that I was asking him to release the big ones, not to mention the mercury! but after a while I just ended up going off on him a little. But ya I cant wait for that springtime madness at yotester, hope you hook a hog soon for your good deed!
RIGHT ON!!!!!..... WAY KOOL......Just for that SPRING WILL GIVE U A 10+lber @ Yote....

JDBassin ,
great to hear your story . I am actually a little jealous . You have saved a "pig" for our
future bassin. Imagine how many times that fish has probably be caught and released already??? Probably more than we can imagine. I heard the same kind of story from Adam McAndrews when he worked at CBT. He would go to guys at Calero and offer them money for bass they had on stringers and get them to release them. It's all of our responsibility to do stuff like that if we want to protect our future bassin. I am sure all of us would like to have a shot at catchin that "pig" sometime in the future.
In fact , If I had your address , I would send you a gift certificate to CBT for the $20 and would encourage anybody who reads this story to offer to do the same.
As an organization , SJBass should see what other things we can all do to build/save our bassin in the local lakes. It only makes out time on the water better and saves it for others.
1 OLd man
Hey 1oldman i appreciate your words, watching that fish swim off was worth more than 20$. During the spring at Justo, when it was open, my dad and i would catch a lot of trout dropshotting and would keep them..when we would get back to the launch we would trade the trout for live bass and we would release them...people using night crawlers and other live bait would destroy bass near the launch. I released a couple of nice fish doing that...other times it wouldnt work and we would just let the trout go. Then we have people involved with PETA who think all we do is harm wild life...when in fact hunters/fisherman are some of the biggest conservationists and contribute large sums of money towards protecting the outdoors...just my thoughts.
That's awesome right there!
everywhere i fish, theres always a guy thats always there sitting on a lawn chair
watching his rod. haha
is this the place off of montery near park way?
I was out there thursday. And met Jim Jr. out there he caught four off of jigs.
I could really get into beliefs and ideas on this, but I'd have to write a book on it :) If using a crayfish live bait and stringing the bass for no reason besides ignorance. I'd just take his stringer and release the bass. That's my dangerous approach. I think it was noble of you to respect the foolish person for benefit of the bass. No need for karma, 'god' sees true intention.