Crabbing Questions

When dropping pots from a boat, do the crabpot buoys need to be marked in any particular way other than just making yours recognizable to yourself? Name, address, etc.?
I know you have to have a crab gauge and I believe that everyone on the same vessel must possess one (tape measures won't fly). Are both males and females fair game?
I've read the regulations but was hoping the more experienced crabbers here could give me a quick rundown of the rules and any pitfalls that might end up in an expensive fine.
We burn our CF # on the bouy as well as pot # with a soldering iron. You are recreational so 6'' point to point, keep all you can to 10. If you get more than that let the females go...we throw females back. Not worth the fine to be overlimit. 1 crab can cost you 1,000 bucks and so on...
It's in your benefit to have your last name and phone number on there. Or at least an email. That way if it gets lost someone can tell you where to pick it up.
It doesn't hurt to have a name tag on there, especially if you plan on soaking pots overnight. If only soaking couple hours, the name tags aren't as crucial.

Also, just to clarify what Ragga said, legal size is 5 3/4", but if its too close to call, don't risk it. Thats why I usually only keep anything 6" and up which is why Ragga is recommending that probably. Make sure to check your gauge with a couple tape measures to ensure measurements are correct. Blaming a faulty gauge will not avoid tickets. Also, recreational can keep male and females, but females have less meat so why bother? But its completely up to you, but most people let females go.

Most importantly, if using pots, make sure that it has 2 escape rings installed already. Not all store bought traps are CA legal, unless they have 2 escape rings installed so beware. If the trap does not come with them pre-installed, you must buy the rings and install them yourself using cotton strings. This does not apply to hoop rings.