ANy one going out this weekend snarring Crabs?? :)
Make sure you protect yourself... them crabs will give ya hell....LMAO!!!
Got the stand by call, for going out of pillar point this weekend. Watching the weather and swell. 9 foot swell forcasted for this weekend with 4 foot wind tops. Sounds pretty sloppy too me! Do I want to begin my season like that? (8-|
was out at pacifica and the swells were off the hook on saturday morning...calmed down quite a bit towards noon. saw lots of people getting wet in the mid section of the pier.
I go out 3 miles...170-270 ft. Running 12 search pot strings. Headed out Wednesday most likely. Large, clean crab being harvested. Skipper is getting sore at me for not fishing the opener. He went out and set pots without me and crew. Wednesday will be time to pick up pace on deck. Hope my leg and arm holds out. Seas are calm for now and swell is nice today according to the skipper. Yesterday's 12 pot string yielded 60 large keeper males.
I had never gone crabbing before, but I overheard a few guys exitedely talking about it at fishery supply a week or so ago. After reading up a bit I decided to pick upa few snares and head to hmb on saturday for the opener. My girlfriend loves the beach so I took her with me. She doesn't have much fishing stamina, so i figured it would be more of a recon/befriend the locals trip. I told my girlfriend if I couldn't catch her dinner, I would buy it for her. Sure enough, about an hour and a half later her lips were blue and it was time to go. On the way out we stopped by the hmb brewery and grubbed down. It was delicious!

Today, I went back with some time on my hands and got one big dungie!! My first ever. The guys next to me were nice enogh to show me how to measure and identify the sex (it was male). Pulled a good sized red crab in also. They made for a supeb dinner. Boiled em up and whipped up some spinach and rosemary roasted red potatoes on the side.

The jetty was nice and full despite bring a weekday but everyone was really friendly. Such a completely different attitude on the jetty than in the water. I used to surf out in hmb and those local boys can be brutal. I was one of the lucky ones who caught today, most everyone I talked to on the way out had empty buckets.
Went to pacifica last night for a few hours, ended with 5..but i've seen some huge crab brought up. Early morning crew all ended up limiting. Night crew a few limited. Beautiful night and still a lot of rookies out there..If your new into crabbin off the peirs, especially pacifica, my advise to you is please look where your casting. If you notice a tangle, try to let the other person know as well. Communication is key on this peir and Ive seen a couple people get there lines cut last night.
damn thats too far if someone cuts one other persons line, do that to me and your going in the water. Its not like people are trying to get tangled up in the first place
yaa....same here, but the problem is that people were constantly pulling up there snairs, in witch it made people mad...i had to actually deck hand some parts of the peir and literally try to prevent a scuffle. But it is what it is.....