Crankbait opinions

I've fished the lipless one's a good amount of time. I'm wondering what a good shallow diver (1-7 foot depth) would be good to start out with and what colors. I'm planning to fish from shore during fall/winter time.
Norman and Bandit make good baits in that depth range, and decently priced too. The Norman Deep Little N will fish that 6-10' range well, and there are lots of baits that fish 1-5' well. Take a look at Storm Wiggle Warts too. They move well on slow retrieve, and that wide wobble is key to getting bit sometimes in winter. You can use higher end cranks if you like (Lucky Craft, Damiki, Megabass) but remember on shore you can't go out and get a deep snagged bait. Cheaper, good running baits like a Norman or bandit are ideal for this type of crankin'
Thanks for the info on that. I'll give those ones you suggested a try.
go with lucky craft for the quailty and the better baits, but higher prices... for the lower price cranbaits go with stirke king series 5 and 6 and always replace your hooks on crankbaits...ALWAYS!!!
I think I'll try out the others suggested and just sharpen the hooks by hand if needed.
its not that they neeed sharpening its the strength of the hook.. usually a stock hook will bend on you even with only like a 2 lber most of the time.. thats why i always change mine to owner stinger trebles or ewg gamamgatsus
Normans...both sizes MLN and DLN. Unless your a full-time tournament fisherman, and sponsored by lucky crap it's unnecessary. Especially when you get it stuck. Normans have the best all around action. Not a tight wobble like Rapalas and not a wide wobble like Storms. They also have more colors then just about any other company. There is one color that seems to outperform the rest but you'll have to figure it out on your own }:( . They also come stock with Gama's which i have caught plenty of large enough fish on without a problem. The only thing I've ever straightened hooks on was trees or rocks.

Fact is your hooks are gonna straighten if your using to heavy of a line. For billed crankbaits i won't use more than 10lb (unless I'm at the delta). Any heavier than this, you start to greatly affect the action and depth of the lure.

On a side note i wouldn't suggest using suspending cranks from the shore. Those you will never get back if you hang up.
You can't go wrong with any Norman crankbaits..they're a classic staple..but I'm suprised no one has mentioned a Speedtrap..those are proven fish catchers that are competitively priced and are great for that shallow zone...a true confidence bait for me.
It seems SpeedTraps only work at the delta or in heavily timbered areas...haha. The colors aren't that exciting to me for lake fishing, i dunno. No joke either I've seriously had some good luck with the shad raps tooo. Little mre difficult to cast cuz they're lighter but they've got a great tight wobble which is good for active fall bass.
The Speed Traps may not have the fanciest design or colors...and I'm glad because this allows them to be sold at a reasonably low price..which in turn gives me the confidence to throw them in nasty places without worrying about losing a 15-20$ crankbait. Interesting you mention the shad raps..I don't hear many ppl talk about those anymore.
That's whats great. All the lures that worked 10 years ago still work today. I don't throw them as much but what happened is something newer and "better" came out and all that stuff got shoved to the back. I'm bringing it back son! lizards, shad raps, jitterbugs, and whoopity doo's lol.
To add to Little Big Nick Trinh's comment....

All crankbaits are great and are meant to catch fish. Tight wobble, wide wobble, those are important. Replacing hooks is important. Don't sharpen them, get a split ring tool and change the hooks. Also learn to "tune" the crankbait... u can tune it by bending the eye (left or right) will help prevent ur crankbait from swimming to one side. U want it to deflect and swim straight again, not deflect right and keep swimming right or vica versa.
yup anthonys right.. and most of the stock hooks i get on my cranks always end up bending out after catching fish.. So recomened treble hooks gamie ewgs or owner stinger.. 2 best on the market. and ya get yourself a pair of split ring pliers it helps when switching out trebles.
check out these new KVD strikekings, i havent used em yet but ill be grabbing some in my next order here. the price and reviews is what has me interested. ... KVDHC.html
First I want to thank you all for the input on this. Some good info. I have only once bent a 'stock' hook on a 6 pound bass that i was at fault for while lifting it to shore. I was more interested in the type of crankbaits. I caught many bass on the smallest of hooks and never had a problem.
I prefer to 'work' the fish and play it till it gets slightly tired. Then i start the retrieval process more.
It might just be my style to increase the challenge. I used to fish for trout with 2 pound leader and probly learned from that as a kid.
Everybody has their own opinions especially when it comes to bass fishing. Thanks for sharing those ideas on this subject.
Let's hope this year brings many bass for us all.