Crankbait Setup

I'm looking to get a mid - high level crankbait setup. Any suggestions? I've been looking at the Skeet Reese Lamiglas (my brother's choice) and the G.Loomis.

I was at Coyote Bait Shop this afternoon and they are having a parking lot sale on the 14th. 20% off of one item - I guess this may be a good time to get one.

Any other stores with reasonable prices?
I just picked up the Skeete Reese and it is great. I am actually using it for my rip bait right now and It caught me some fish at Anderson. The action is great and the sensitivity is awesome. I threw a crank bait on it for awhile, but i haven't been fishing with a crank bait to much right now. It kept good bottom contact and I could tell the diffence between sand, rock, mud and wood. I also have a powell rod that I used last year for cranking and it is great, I got a deal on the Reese rod from a friend, he can't get powell rods and I wanted another cranking stick so I went with the Reese. My reel of choice for them is a curado 5.1.
Personally, I have gotten into a lot of the Powell rods lately. The price is very reasonable, the action and sensitivity are great and the warranty is just as good as Loomis. 8-) 8-)
For the record fellas, I went with the Lamiglas 7' 0" XCF 705R (Not the Skeet Reece - But Steve at Coyote Bait Shop said it was the same exact model)

The reel is Daiwa Zillion 100HLA 6.3:1

She's a beaut.

Thanks for the suggestions fellas.