Crawdad ????

Where is a good place to go craw fishn????
I know there is a season!!! But tryn to find some
spots to go!!! Love those lil poor mans lobster!!!
Any help would b much appreciated!!!!

I saw a FAT crawdad missing a claw just cruising around the shoreline at Lexington last week, and a couple of shells/claws of dead ones on the shoreline, but don't think there are any places with crawdads en masse where you could find them easily.
One time I saw someone fishing for crawdads at Lex, the rocky area below the boat ramp.
Years ago...we used to trap dozens of 'dads in the pond below Yote dam. Only open during trout season though (last Saturday in April thru Nov 15). Not sure where the hotspot is locally, but I've seen pics of truck beds full of 'dads that were harvested from irrigation ditches in the north delta. Lots of the foothill & sierra reservoirs have crawdads too. Last summer we harvested some from Tahoe and they were incredibly tasty! I hope you find some of those bugs Jim Jr.
did u get my pm?
It's been a long time since I've seen dads' in plentiful numbers. I remember as a kid seeing tons of em' right at shore or even on shore certain times of the year at Stevens Creek, Lexington, and Vasona. It seems like a long time since I've seen them in bunches. My last houseboating trip to Shasta we tried dropping a couple traps off the back of the houseboat hoping to pull some from that cold, clean water. I know guys fish craw patterns there so it made sense but we only came up with a couple big ol' turtles and I wasn't ready to take on that culinary challenge. Let me know if you find them and I'll challenge you to a dad'eatin' contest [green]