creek company 9ft inflatable pontoon $125

I've got a 9ft creek company pontoon for sale. Canvas covers show sun fading, but not degraded at all. More importantly bladders are perfect with no leaks or patches. It is missing one piece, which is the rear storage rack. This doesn't sacrifice structural integrity or change any of the setup of the pontoon at all. Its a pretty simple piece, I only used to take a small cooler with me. Toon has lots of storage pockets, 7ft locking oars, comes with patch kit and original owners manuel, and a foot pump. This is also one of the original pontoons with a much higher weight limit of 350lbs.

This thing moved around the water way faster And it keeps you sitting up out of the water. $125 pretty firm, about the same price as a new float tube and a much better option.
I can drag it out and take pics if your a buyer.

What model is it jtmoney?
Its a super sport 9.
Bump, pic added.
Is this still available? Let me know.
Check your mail.
Is this still available? If so, may be interested.
Sold to supernachos thanks sjb
Thanks again Jtmoney. When I finally have the time to take this out I'll post a report.