Curado 200E Problem?

I just picked up a used Curado 200E. First crank I've noticed it has a lot more play on the crankshaft than my 200G.

With 200G, I almost feel no play. With this 200E I thought the handle was coming off. I tightened the handle nut and it feel a bit better, but it still have noticeable amount of play. I am wondering if the bearing has worn out.

Any 200E owner, can you comment please?
send it to Dan @ Reelex ,have him replace the defective spool bearing and upgrade your other bearings to the better grade versions .
I had a similar problem with one of mine , now it 's smooth .
When you upgrade your "casting" bearings , be extra careful when first start using it , takes some practice to get used to the better bearings , but you'll add distance to your cast without "throwing" it harder .
Send it to Dan at ReelEx for sure!!! Heard nothing but
good reviews about him!!! I'm about to send him all 13
of my curados and have them serviced!!! He replaces
stock bearings w/ re-manufactured stock bearings @
no charge!!! But if u upgrade to 9's ur gunna pay for them

Thanks for the info guys. I checked his site. Wow, it is amazing, for $27 he does basically what they call is super tuning, including polishing of some parts. That sounds like bargain.

I was going to take this apart, then I also discovered one of the side plate screw was stripped }:(

I usually do just flush out the grease and put a drop of oil on spool bearings. I find just doing that on factory bearings makes good amount of improvement as they put too much grease. But for this one I might replace them with upgraded bearings.
you won't regret upgrading the bearings .
As I mentioned , when you get it back , be extra careful on your first 5 casts , set the brake "higher" than normal , then back them down .
I forgot to do it one time (forgot it was upgraded to the better bearings ) and I had worst backlash ever , actually had to cut all the line out and replace .
The better bearings make longer cast's with much less effort.
Dan does great work at a very reasonable price. too bad he doesn't do daiwa as well,
More testimonial, i sent 7 reels to Dan, using USPS, with confirmation on delivery.
the post office messed up, and routed my package to post office holding location. I contacted
the post office, and Dan, to try and track it down. Dan was in contact with his post office,
and the post master, told Dan that he would hand deliver package personally. Dan took the time
to help track down my reels. showed up at my house very soon after, good, probably better than new.

excellent customer service!