Daiwa Advantage HSTA and 6'6" Lamiglass

I have a left handed Daiwa Super Tunned Advantage HSTA 6.3:1 and a 6' 6" Lamiglass Competitor 5 power 3/8-1 1/2.

Im asking 150 for both, the reel alone was $150 adn both hardly used.
Change of price,

$120 for both.
i might be down i will see on friday pay day i will check back then why do you want to sell it ;)
I got 2 loomis' and a St. Croix laying around I dont see the need for this one. I was planned to get into Fly Fishing, selling this setup would help. Its already lined with 30lb braided spider line, so thats a plus if you get it.

Hope to hear from you soon.
oh ok im sure i will have the money u in sj
Im in Fremont, but I work in San Jose. Pm sent.