dell valle

goen to dell valle on sunday are the trout biting does anyone know if so let me know gunna take the boat out and hopfully catch some trout and bass
Its Del Valle ;). Haha. I always hear the trout bite good right in front of the boat docks/launch. Or the dam. I caught some big trout on senkos on the dam. Be sure to fill us in on how you did. I want to know how Del Valle is right now.
Are they letting you launch at DV, I did not think they let any boat's from santa clara launch???????????? Let's us Know what's up for I would like to visit this lake also...........thank's and good luck.
ok so they do let boats launch there was a s#$t load haha we caught one trout i got it ummm dad caught a small bass on a frog and we had a striper on but he got loose but ya couple people catchn trout water was 50 degrees it was just way to windy today but o well caught some haha
dang man thats an early frog fish especially in 50 degree water...thats tight
goen back to dell valle on saturday for a couple hrs in the morning should be good i hear there catchn alot of trout
man i love that place last year i nailed my biggest trout next to the boat launch on live minnows a little over 6# on live minnows and my son who is six got a 20"striper also thatplace is nice
Is it full? I always have a good day there. If the bass aren't biting, you can always go for some football trout. There's smallies in there too.
ya the lakes full really full and ya i love that place i think its still to cold for bass and that lake is frickn deep we were marken 50 foot right off the bank it was crazy!
fished for 5 hrs today and caught 6 trout with 2 of my buddies it was super fun