Delta - 11/24

WHOA! [green] It's been a long time since I posted on here. Thanks to everyone for keeping this forum alive and well!!!!

Marce and I went out of Big Break to chase some stipers on the incoming tide on 11/24. Fog hunkered us down for a few hours so we couldn't cover as much water as I would have liked to during sunrise.

Striper bite was slow but got a couple. One on a fish trap and one on a rat-l-trap. No real size. Most action came from the largies on rip baits and rat-l-traps. Even one on a basstrix.

We fished around the duck blinds for most of our largie bites. Largest fish was only 3 pounds but it's been a while since I felt a largie pull on a rip bait, my favorite lure. Lots of dinks. If you want to fish the blinds, be careful, you never know when some oakie is gonna be sitting in the blind drunk off whiskey with a shot gun in his hands.

A lot of striper boats soaking bait. We need some bad weather and more reports from people out there. WHERE IS THE BAIT!?
Cool Marone thanks for the report , hope you all had a great Thanksgiving keep the reports flowing
R u saying all duck hunters are drunk Okies???
He didn't but I DO say they are lol I'm kidding. Really, I'm just kidding. Yeah, be really careful around hunters ( especially the drunk ones ) and make your presence known without screwing up their hunt.
RJB wrote:
R u saying all duck hunters are drunk Okies???

No, i'm not. It's sarcasm.