Delta Kayak Tourney 10/27 - Ok it is!

Fished a kayak tourney at the Delta this weekend. There were about 130+ kayaks with 4 divisions to fish for - largemouth, striper, bluegill, and catfish. Naturally, I figure largemouth and striper would be my best bet so I targeted those 2 species. The night before I looked on googlemaps thinking about a game plan so with that in mind, I launched at 6:30 into the darkness and made my way towards San Joaquin River.

I started throwing topwater lures and hooked into a small diaper striper. Next cast, I get a huge blow-up but it doesn't stick and it didn't come back for a 2nd swipe, but it looked to be a big fish...oh well. I threw topwater for another hour with no luck so onto trolling I went and that seemed to be the ticket.

Within 5 minutes of trolling, I had a double on (this should give you a hint as to what I was with 1 being a keeper. Since I was looking for bigger fish, I throw them back and drop my line back down and before I get it all the way down, I get hit and its a decent fish taking some line. After a few runs, I get it in the net and its just shy of 23" but possibly a contender. I drop back down and again within minutes, I got another hit and it was a biggun towing me around and ripping line. I see it making a run for the grass/weeds in the shallow so I tightened up the drag and shortly after it ended up breaking off on 30lb test line. I trolled for another couple hours and caught about 20-25 stripers, with only 3 being keeper size.

Later on, I ran into another kayaker that had caught a 29" striper so I was thinking my chances of beating a 29" is pretty slim at this point so I took focus on largies. Trolling a swimbait, I start making my way back towards launch and I see a lot of grass everywhere and thats when I see the rod go bendo! The fish makes a few jumps and I can tell its no striper, finally get it close enough and its a solid hog, but a good one. Measured out at 17.5", guessing about 3.5-4lber. Luckily, this ended up being the largest largemouth entered and landed me in first for the largemouth division! Win or no win, it was a great day on the water.
See, very post worthy!
Congratulations on your win Won! :)
Winddog wrote:
See, very post worthy!
Congratulations on your win Won! :)

So you're telling me Won won? lol
Congrats man! Thanks for the report.
Congrats, Won!

I was planning on fishing Delta but I didn't go because the wind forecast was it to jump in the afternoon. (Your tournament probably ended early I assume.)

Which part of Delta was this.
Thanks guys.'re too funny.

Loop dad, it was interesting making my run back to launch to check-in my fish. The wind was blowing pretty hard as I was about a mile from launch ramp and this was around 1pm. By 3-4pm when I was heading home, it was pretty gnarly looking...looked like a storm was coming. This was Stockton side of the delta.
Yeahhhh buddy!
Sounds like a successful day of fishing. Congrats & thanks for the report Won!
WTG Won!
Looks like you had a great outting. Congrats on first place!
Tight lines buddy!!!!!
Nice work Won and do you shave your legs? [green]
Nice job. Delta is fishing good right now. I got my first double recently at the delta but they were shakers. Congratulations!!!
Congrats and thanks for sharing!

Do you use sinkers when trolling for delta stripers, or simply a weighted jig head on your line?
Yea, the delta fishing is pretty good right now. Definitely better than last year around this time.

EastSideFisher - I don't use any additional sinkers. I was trolling a weighted a-rig or a 6" swimbait on a 1.5oz jighead. Most of the fish I caught were anywhere from 2ft-15ft down, but I did mark some bigger fish closer to the bottom, but I don't like trolling so close to bottom because of snags.
WTG Won! Glad you posted pics too. Hmmm the big hammer worked for you ....:)
Raggamuffin Rippin wrote:
WTG Won! Glad you posted pics too. Hmmm the big hammer worked for you ....:)

The big hammer only caught the largie. The stripers were caught on a custom a-rig. I'll show it to you next time, but it catches fish even on the toughest'll see. [green]
hybrid90 wrote:
Nice work Won and do you shave your legs? [green]

LOL :)