Delta Last Tuesday

Dudes, first trip to the delta for me was tuesday , got a day pass from work and the wife, well launched out of sugar barge, nice for a second got out around the first turn and started fishin points weedlines , nothin wind was pickin up rollers coming in off the big franks was pounded the weedlines and even my heaviest weights were being moved.
anyway fished slow, fast jigs,carloina rig,texas rigs,beavrs brushhogs,spinners,ratlls , you name we threw it nothinn it was really cold the water temp 58 - 59.5 but the wind was howlin by 1030 it got really dark clouds little franks was looking like the bering sea
whitecaps andso a flash then "boom"thunder rrain was comin down by the time we idled to beacon we were soaked and skunked , who knew skunked on the delta in april ;( ;( ;(
deltas a b*****. lol

Seriously that place can frustrating and sometimes pretty scary, specially when I'm driving. Love riding over the tops of rollers. ;)
Yep the delta is a Bxxxxxxxx
l agree...... [8|] [8|] [8|] [8|] ...sure is fun catching delta bass lol lol when she lets me though maybe next time >:-( >:-(
nothn like getting up a 0300am driving to the ramp and fishin for a big zero ;(
Bruised egos and empty wallets lol
jerbs wrote:
Bruised egos and empty wallets lol

LOL....Happened plenty of times for me!!!!....I feel ur pain!!!

Plus that Delta WIND is a Motha@##$*()&*%^!.....

Jerbs....U remember those 6ft rollies I took w/ Rick that day!!!!....My Driver side seat still has SH!T STAINS!!!!....LOL....Those were no JOKE!!!! [red] [red]

ROTFLMAO/ stains on the seat yooowwwwwweeeeee

yep the delta can be humbling , and i thought i was all that-----NOT
Dude me and Jerbs BRAVED it in my 16ft alum BASS TRACKER lll .....We launched outta Antioch!!!!....Was BLOWN like a (*&^&*^%&% and 3 ft rollies.....It was like Jerbs said " NARRRR DUDE but we GOT THIS".... I really didnt think we would survive that day!!!!....I also had BROWN STAINS ON THAT SEAT AS WELL!!!!.....LOL

Remember both of them. I was happy as clam. I kinda like runnin in nasty weather. Reminds me of Alaska lol
Yep i was in a tracker tuesday it was the real deal didnt get as bad as you all described, but we hung around the outskirts of the big water only once did we cross it and that was enough,,we just were chillin the weed lines practically idlin all the way back to the barge