Delta LMB and/or Stripers

I am planning a trip to the delta in late Feb or early March. I have heard of folks fishing for LMB but catching stripers and vice versa. My primary objective is to catch LMB but are there baits and techniques I can use to catch either or? As I said, I'd like to catch stripers if possible but I don't want to sacrifice attracting largemouths. Anybody out there do this sort of thing?

Untested ideas are also welcome. I enjoy hearing how others think about these things.
PM "Jerbs".. HE can prolly give you alot of insight on th delta and were to fish.. He targets both fish... you maybe able to find some of his posts from the past here on the boards that might help you...
Never fished for stripers in those months, only sept.-jan.

There is a run during in the spring...I think. Just to busy catching delta largies.

Fish with rattle traps and ripbaits around current seams and weed channels. I've caught plenty of both species while targeting the others during the fall, but not so much in the spring. I'm sure it happens though.

Here's a 5lberish I caught while fishing for stripers with Nightbassin, using a 1oz rattletrap. The same frickin day my trigger assembly blew out from going to slow because of the fog. It was a cool day other then that though. Marone saved my a$s that day too. thanks dude.
Thanks Jerbs! I had heard of using Rattle Traps but your suggestions of where to throw them is the kind of thing I am looking for also. Confidence is everything!
I actually find it quite hard to go back and forth from striper fishing to black bass during a trip. When I'm looking for tuxedos I usually fish for them all day. Points around franks tract are always pretty good for both. 8-)

Check out for some good delta striper info.
jerbs wrote:
I actually find it quite hard to go back and forth from striper fishing to black bass during a trip.

How come? I am looking for techniques that could yield either/or without changing anything. Double the fun. Am I dreaming?