Delta Prefish Report

So in two weeks SJSU will be fishing at the cal delta. Here is how pre fish for the past 4 days out. The delta is on fire right now. The cold front definetly turned them on. With bluebird skies and this crazy warming trend starting back up i predict the spawn will be on in no time. I also installed my hydrowave and it seems to make a difference.
Would you mind sharing, what where you guys using?
I will share after my tournament passes on the 31st. Sorry, i dont mean to sound like a dick, but I really need to do well here. Lets just say you can throw the kitchen sink.
Alright, im cool with that. Im not in a hurry to know.

I'm up here at the delta right now, and i've been fishing all week! All i've caught this week was a little half pound dink!

i've heard of pigs being caught, i really don't have good luck i guess...
Is the dude's name in the second pic Greg?
Sick anthony! Our highschool tournament is coming up here pretty soon too. Hopefully we can bring home the championship like last year.
Very nice! I am going to be at White Slough next weekend for Bass-N-Tubes third tournament. That place usually puts out some big fish. Good luck in the tournament! By the way, what happened to the white glasses?
Where were you by the Delta when you caught the Striper? Been there a couple of weeks ago in Rio Vista and NOTHING!

Nice fishies btw!
I will tell you that the striper came from mid delta. It was definetly a fluke as I think you can catch more striper in the San Joajuin.

My white glasses....those poor puppies. My girl put them in my back pocket and I accidentaly sat onthem. Now I got these black ones and a purple pair but the purple ones are purely bad luck.

Good luck at bass in tubes, whites was definetly nice...hint hint

The second guy in the pic is my Buddy John, he is still learning but he poached this haus from me.
Great looking fish, nice work!!
nice fish and good luck