Delta, Saturday, 12/1

In between the storms, I got the chance to fish the Delta with Bobby Barrack. I was concerned these storms would kill the bite, but that wasn't the case. Within 10 minutes, Bobby had a 5 lb. fish in the boat. He got two more fish before I even had a bite. In fact, over the next few hours, he had 6 or 8 before I even had a bite. Eventually, I made some more accurate casts and slowed down my retrieve enough to catch a 2 lb. LMB and a 6 lb. striper. Bobby continued to pick off fish throughout the day. We fished spinnerbaits, senkos, rattle traps, and jigs, and we caught fish on all of them. The storms seem to have scattered the fish a bit. We never found a pattern; we would just get a fish here of there. We stayed in the BIg Break and Lake Sherman areas all day and found fish in both.

If you decide you're going to hire a guide, consider Bobby. He is a great to fish with. He gives clear information, explains exactly what he's looking for and why, has a great attitude, and is a genuinely nice guy. I would recommend to practice short, accurate casting. I've fished all my life, but my inability to cast from a variety of positions and inability to sling things under reeds and branches cost me some fish. Many of my casts were wasted because my line would end up over a reed and not allow the bait to be in the zone. Bobby put his bait under everything when he needed to because of his great casting skills, and he caught a lot more fish than I did. He put me in great positions, told me where to cast, and I just didn't execute in many cases.
Cool report. Good for you on stickin to the bass fishing. I find it difficult not to plug for stripers this time of year. Now i regret not hooking up the boat last night, for today is a nice dry day out, with just a breeze. Looks like maybe Thursday is the next window of opportunity. Report says the wind will be up a little more.